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About Us

It all started for me back in 2006, after I just watched the Miller commercial when I saw the lights dancing to music and I was like how did they do that. That was it for me once I learned how they made the lights dance to music I was hooked on getting my lights to dance to music.

I bought my first Light O Rama controllers and I was ready to make my lights dance to music. My first show did not 2009 I had the same reaction just watched the lights in amazement. In 2010 I started to do custom sequencing and was having a blast. I never knew how much lights had an effect on people. I have heard stories of how lights had a positive effect on people. Then I had my own experience of how the lights had an effect on people. After I had set up my display for 2010 and the show was going, I noticed a little boy was outside sitting on the curb just watching the lights. Night after night no matter how cold the little boy was there like clockwork same time, so I decided the next night I would go speak to him. Same time next night he was there so I went outside and talked to him. He had told me that they were going through tough times and did not have any Christmas lights, or even a Christmas tree.

After talking to the boy I went back inside and thought to myself what could I do to give this boy a Christmas. The next day I went to my shed and gathered some extra strings of lights I had and my spare Christmas tree. I tested the strings to ensure they had worked. That night I had waited for that little boy to come and watch the show, just like clockwork same time he had come I went outside and greeted him, and asked where he lived, he did tell me and it was like three blocks away so I told him I would like to speak to his father so he took me to his house and as we were approaching his house I had friends at the house waiting for me to call so they could meet us at the little boy's house.

We got to the little boy's house and I made the call to my friends and within 3 to 5 minutes, they were there. We set up the Christmas tree and hung lights around the house for them. After we had finished that little boy was dancing jumping and so happy, I looked at him and he was so happy and realized at that moment how much joy and hope lights give to people. When customers have told me that the custom sequences I have done for them brought happiness to kids and adults and that their show and their show was going to be awesome. Now I know why after my experience. With that being said, I would love to have our sequences be a part of your dream or a part of your show for the whole world to view.