Spider Web 4x4 With RGB Bullet Nodes and Controller
Spider Web 4x4 With RGB Bullet Nodes and Controller
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Product Code: RGB-SPIRLC

Works with all 12mm nodes including Bullet, Square and Flat (Nodes are not pre-installed )
Spider Web is
4' x 4'
324 Nodes Nodes are as Follows:
72 For Outer Web
72 For 2nd Web
108 For 3rd Web
72 For Remaining Webs
12v Bullet nodes are 3" spacing with 18 gauge wire as well as 6' pigtails are pre-attached to strings
Giving You a total of 7 webs instructions are included upon purchase
Super fast and easy installation (Wood Frame Not Included)
Available in Black HDPE 100% American Made from Material, Design, and Fabrication
You are purchasing the 4'x 4' Spider Web with RGB Bullet nodes and Pixlite 4 controller in CG-1500 assembled and ready to go


Pixlite 4 Controller Info:

The PixLite 4 controller supports input protocols via an ethernet connection and displays RGB color lighting on any of the "PixLite" range pixel-mappable strings/strips.

It is designed to control half as many pixels as the PixLite 16 controller using 4 physical outputs (instead of 16). The smaller capacity and form factor gives you another level of flexibility in your pixel projects.

It is also shipping with the capability of simulataneously outputting a DMX512 universe (acting as a single E1.31 to DMX512 bridge, no Art-Net to DMX) in addition to the 16 universes of pixel output.

It supports the following input protocols:

-sACN (E1.31)


It can handle up to 16 universes of Multicast/Unicast E1.31 or Art-net data and controls up to 680 nodes per individual output.

Outputs to the following IC types:

TLS3001, SM16716, LPD6803, WS2801, WS2811/12/12B/APA104, TM180x, MBI6020, INK1003, APA102, SK6812, UCS1903, MY9221, MY9231. Note: one pixel type at a time per controller.

The controller also interfaces with our GUI utility for easy configuration and uploading of new firmware.

This controller can output up to 7A per output, but is supplied with 5A mini blade fuses by default. You can change the fuses to any value up to 7A to suit your application.

The board size is 113mmx70mm